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We are deeply indebted to the many funding agencies and organizations that have supported SBML over the years.


Since 2003, primary support for the continued development of SBML, as well as supporting software and activities, has come from the National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIH/NIGMS) under grant R01 GM070923. Additional support is provided by the California Institute of Technology (USA) and EMBL-EBI (UK).

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The core development of SBML from its inception through 2003 was principally funded by the Japan Science and Technology Agency under the ERATO Kitano Symbiotic Systems Project.

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Additional support has in the past been provided by the following organizations and agencies: the Systems Biology Institute (Japan), the University of Hertfordshire (UK), the Molecular Sciences Institute (USA), the National Human Genome Research Institute (USA), the International Joint Research Program of NEDO (Japan), the ERATO-SORST Program of the Japan Science and Technology Agency (Japan), the Ministry of Agriculture (Japan), the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (Japan), the BBSRC e-Science Initiative (UK), the DARPA IPTO Bio-Computation Program (USA), the Army Research Office's Institute for Collaborative Biotechnologies (USA), Air Force Office of Scientific Research (USA), Keio University (Japan), and the EU Commission 6th Framework Programme.

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