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SBML continues to improve and evolve thanks to the involvement of a vibrant and active community of users, developers and researchers. You can get involved too! Follow the links below to find out more.

Over 280 software packages today support SBML. Visit the SBML Software Guide for a list of different software systems and their features.

The SBML community wiki contains recent material and working notes from people in the SBML community.
The mailing lists are where questions are asked and the latest developments discussed. The forums area provides a web interface to the lists, and you can also subscribe to any lists you find interesting.

People sometimes contribute simple utilities and scripts for working with SBML. We gather them in a special Contributed Programs area of the community wiki.

Regular events are such a big part of the SBML community that there is a separate area of this site devoted to them. Check there to find out about events coming up.

Announcements by the SBML community also have their own area on this site—visit the News page. (Don't forget to send us your SBML-related announcements!)

You may also want to look at the News section to learn about recent announcements of interest to SBML users and developers worldwide.

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