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Publications known to accept submissions in SBML format

This page lists the publications known to accept supplementary data in SBML format. Most mention SBML explicitly in their author guidelines; some do not, but have been verified to accept supplementary files in SBML format. In some cases, the journals do not stipulate SBML specifically but do recommend deposition of models in BioModels Database, which of course accepts SBML files; we include those journals here as well.

Please understand this list is guaranteed to be incomplete, because journals do not inform us when they change their policies and it is impossible for us to monitor the thousands of journals in the world for updates to their policies. Nevertheless, we hope this list will be useful. We will strive to update it as we learn of more journals that accept SBML.

Please tell us if you know of a publication that should be added to this list.

Publication Name Author instructions page
BMC/BioMedCentral (all journals)
Biophysical Journal
Computational and Mathematical Biology
FEBS Journal
IET Systems Biology
Journal of the Royal Society: Interface
Molecular Systems Biology
Nature (all NPG journals)
PLoS (all journals)
Royal Society of Chemistry (all journals)
UCSD Molecule Pages

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