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2012 SBML t-shirt design submission guidelines

For HARMONY 2012, the SBML Team organized a t-shirt design competition. The following were the submission guidelines, recorded here for future reference:

  1. The design must include the SBML logo without substantial modifications. The colors of the logo itself must remain unchanged. The basic SBML logo is available for your use in CMYK and RGB formats.
  2. The same design must be suitable for use on t-shirts as well as "polo" style shirts. (This restriction is necessary to reduce the cost of having the shirts printed—multiple designs would increase the cost.)
  3. Format requirements:
    1. The file format must be either SVG, Adobe Illustrator, or Adobe Photoshop (at 600 dpi resolution).
    2. The design must be no wider than 28 centimeters (11 inches).
    3. The design must use no more than 3 colors.
  4. Team effforts are permitted; if the winning design is by a team, each member of the team will receive one individual shirt (up to a collective limit of 5 shirts in total), and the whole team will collectively receive the award of US$ 200, to be divided among themselves as they wish.
  5. At most 2 designs may be submitted by a given entrant or team of entrants.
  6. To submit your design(s), email it (or them) to (To prevent possible mail server errors, do not include more than 10 MB of attachments in any given email message; instead, use an online facility to store the design and email the link.)
  7. You cannot submit the same design that has been previously used for an SBML shirt.
  8. The SBML Team reserves the right to reject any design for any reason.

We urge designers to take into account certain anatomical differences between the torsos of men and women.

After the design submission phase of the competition closes, the SBML Team will examine the submitted designs for overal suitability and adherence to the guidelines above, then create a voting page and issue a call for votes. Final voting and selection will take place at the end of March, 2012.

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