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SBML 10th Anniversary Symposium Live EVO Feed

We provided live audio/video broadcasts during the SBML 10th Anniversary Symposium, using the EVO system, a free, cross-platform video-conferencing system.

Below are the instructions that were posted to access the EVO feed. Some of that information is still current and useful in establishing an EVO account and joining a meeting.

Preparing to use EVO to connect to the sessions

To connect to the audio/video feeds, you must obtain an EVO account first. Do not wait until the day of the session because EVO registrations can take up to a day to establish. To register for an account, simply use the Register button on the front page of the EVO website. Accounts are free.

Click on "Start EVO" to download Koala.
Click on "Start EVO" to download Koala.

Once you have an EVO account, use the Start EVO button on the EVO website as shown in the image at right. This will download a Java webstart applet to your computer. Run this applet and it will download the EVO application (called Koala).

If you have never used EVO before, you may want to experiment with it first (before the event), in order to familiarize yourself with the controls and options. The EVO site has a useful EVO FAQ as well as a full user manual.

Please see the section below for information about how to connect to the actual session.

Note that although EVO is a full video conferencing system, we will run the feed in a broadcast style only, simply because it will be difficult for people in the room to simultaneously attend to EVO-based chats or audio questions.

Session connection information

We have prescheduled an EVO session for the day of the meeting. There is no password.

To find the session, use the Search menu item in the EVO Koala application as follows:

  1. Set the duration (top left-hand side button) to "For next 30 days"
  2. Check the radio button From all communities
  3. Check the box Filter titles
  4. Type SBML in the field next to Filter titles
  5. Click the Search button

You should receive a list of only one session, as shown in the image below. Before the day of the meeting, the session will be inactive; once the meeting time arrives, you will then be able to click on the session name to connect to the broadcast.

Using the search panel to find the session.
Using the search panel to find the session.

If you have problems or questions, please email

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