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Historical LibSBML Development Roadmap

This page has been superseded and is kept as a record. A more recent Devlopment Roadmap for libSBML is available here.

This page provides a roadmap for libSBML development goals. The LibSBML Team attempts to update this page regularly as new plans are made and existing goals are achieved. This page focuses on high-level descriptions of plans; we also maintain finer-grained lists of tasks in a Pivotal Tracker project page.

Development goals for major libSBML releases

The following table summarizes the additions and differences in features being planned for major libSBML releases.

Version libSBML 3.4 libSBML 4.3 libSBML 5.x libSBML 6.x

This version of libSBML is obsolete and no longer maintained. Please use a later version. This version of libSBML was developed as a stepping stone between libSBML 3 and libSBML 5. Major development is now focussed on libSBML 5 and users should support this version where possible. LibSBML 5 implements modularization. It is based on libSBML 4, supports SBML Level 3 Core, and modular plug-ins for implementing Level 3 packages as they become available. We provide a complete list of additions/bug fixes on a separate page.

There is scope for a libSBML 6 that will encompass some structural changes. More details will be forthcoming.
Status OBSOLETE 4.3.1 released on 29 March 2011 5.9.0 released on 14 November 2013

Status of Level 3 package modules

The SBML master table for Level 3 package statuses contains the libSBML status of implementation for each package.

Major changes and new features

The table below shows the current status of major features being targeted for specific libSBML releases.

Feature Development Status SVN Status libSBML Version
New converter API Image:Done.gif released 5.1.0-b0
Refactor validation Image:Done.gif released 5.3.0
Move to CMake/Retire GNUMake Image:in-progress.gif current 5.0 onwards
Determining units Consultation 6
Applying a state concept Consultation 6
New attribute type construct Consultation 6

A history of previous changes can be found here.

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