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Latest stable release: 1.0.0, released 8 March 2018 (see box at right →)

Deviser is a system to quickly define and prototype SBML Level 3 packages. It lets you create and view a UML diagram, generate a basic specification for the package, generate the necessary libSBML code for the package, and finally, integrate and test the package with libSBML.

It is written in Python, and is available under LGPL terms. It offers both a GUI and a command-line interface.

The main authors are Sarah Keating and Frank Bergmann with contributions from Brett Olivier, Lucian Smith and Michael Hucka.

Deviser release DOIs

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Funding acknowledgements

This work is made possible thanks to the National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIH/NIGMS) under grant R01 GM070923.

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