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SBML Test Suite Release Notes

	The Systems Biology Markup Language (SBML) Test Suite
	       NEWS -- history of user-visible changes

=== Version 3.2.0 (29 July 2016)

Important: DO NOT RUN semantic test cases 1199-1204 on systems that
use libSBML 5.11.2 or earlier.  Test cases 1199-1204 test the use of
nested MathML "piecewise" constructs, which unfortunately revealed a
bug in libSBML versions prior to 5.11.4.  Make sure to use libSBML
5.11.4 or later.

New in this release:

* Beginning with this version, the distribution of the test cases will
  be split, with separate archives for semantic, stochastic and
  syntactic test cases.  This will not effectively change the semantic
  cases distribution archives, but will allow for the introduction of
  new stochastic and syntactic test cases without disrupting the
  existing infrastructure for the test suite.

* New in 3.2.0, with the consent of the original authors, the Discrete
  Stochastic Model Test Suite (DSMTS) is available in SVN and will be
  available as a separate archive release.  The DSMTS was developed by
  Thomas W. Evans, Colin S. Gillespie, and Darren J. Wilkinson (from
  the University of Liverpool and Newcastle University).  The files
  are located in the directory cases/stochastic in the SVN repository
  and distributed as "".
  Currently, these files are not fully integrated into the SBML Test
  Suite, and in particular, the SBML Test Runner and the Online
  facilities do not interact with these files, although it is our goal
  to figure out how to integrate them better in the future.  For now,
  as a first step, we distribute the DSMTS as an add-on to the SBML
  Test Suite so that people can start experimenting with it.  Please
  see the file cases/stochastic/README.txt for more information,
  including a reference to the paper by Evans et al. and pointers on
  how to use the DSMTS.

* New in 3.2.0, the syntactic test cases directory (cases/syntactic)
  has been completely replaced by a large set of test cases
  auto-generated from libSBML's syntactic test cases.  Lucian Smith
  developed a program that generates the syntactic test cases from
  libSBML's code base.  This program is 'createSyntacticTests' and
  can be found in the subdirectory src/utilities/createSyntacticTests
  of the SBML Test Suite source code repository.

* The semantic test cases in the cases/semantic/ directory now include
  OMEX format files.  (See for a
  description of this format.)  They were generated by a modified
  version of Frank Bergmann's program to generate SED-ML files.
  Stanley Gu has also contributed an OMEX file generator written in
  Python, and this is available in the SBML Test Suite SVN repository.

* New test cases 1199-1218.  Cases 1199-1204 test the use of nested
  piecewise operators in mathematical formulas; cases 1205-1208 test
  variable-size compartments; cases 1209-1216 test the use of multiple
  arguments to MathML relational operators such as le/ge/eq; cases
  1217-1218 check interdependent initial assignments and assignment


* SBML Level 2 Version 5 models added to all tests that included a
  Level 2 Version 4 model for that test.  All are syntactically
  identical to the L2v4 versions, apart from the declared SBML

* The script used to generate the plots of results now
  offers the ability to plot on dual axes.  This is used to generate
  the plots for the stochastic test suite results.  Also, has had its command line options changed in order to
  work with the input/output combinations that are now possible.
  Also, now works in Python 3.

* The stochastic test cases were updated from the originals taken from
  the DSMTS to be fully valid SBML, and to include other level/version

* Results from stochastic test 33 (originally test 003-04 in the
  DSMTS) were re-calculated by Darren Wilkinson, after the previous
  results were found to be slightly incorrect.

* Fixes to validation warnings and errors for models 937, 950, 983,
  and 1018.

Additional notes:

* The SBML Test Runner has not yet been updated for release 3.2.0
  of the test cases.  We will announce when a new version of the
  Test Runner is available.

* This is the last release planned from  In the
  future, we plan to move to GitHub and make future releases from

=== Test case archive update (2014-10-23)

This release updates only test cases.

* Loosened tolerances of settings for case 1148. 

* Corrected the description of case 978.

=== Version 3.1.1 release (2014-03-06)

Summary of changes in the SBML Test Runner:

* Fixed handling of network updates to the test cases.  The previous
  version would incorrectly always report that new test cases are
  available for downloading, even after the user did an update.

* Bundles the 2014-02-27 release of the test case archive.

* Tested under Mac OS X 10.9 (Mavericks).

=== Test case archive update for release 3.1.0 (2014-02-27)

This release concentrated on updates to the SED-ML files included with
the test case archive; no other changes have been made.

* Support for packages ('fbc': uses SED-ML L1v2, 'comp': assumes
  flattening by libSBML)

* Fixed an issue where time course simulations would yield one
  additional output point

* Fixed a number of issues with adjustments for amounts and

(In the source code, the changes above are implemented in the SED-ML
file generator in src/utilities/sedml.  This is what is used to
produce the -sedml.xml files included in the archive release.)

=== Version 3.1.0 release (2013-12-10)

Summary of changes to the test cases:

* Test cases 1186-1196 for the SBML Flux Balance Constraints package
  ('fbc') have been updated to reflect the syntax of the final SBML
  fbc specification, for example with respect to  vs.

  • Test cases 1186-1196 for 'fbc' have been udpated to standardize the
way element bodies' XML namespaces are declared.
  • Removed the Test Suite tag 'comp:NotRequired' on Hierarchical Model
Composition ('comp') models because the 'required' attribute for 'comp' is now considered to be always required to be "true".
  • Corrected a bug in the description of some 'comp' models that
claimed their initial value was set by a rate rule.
  • Corrected a small error in the description of a numerical value in
model 1000.
  • Updated some 'comp' models to conform to the validation rules
defined in Release 3 of the 'comp' specification. This was mostly in regards to elements pointing at other elements.
  • Added some missing comp:SBaseRef tags to 'comp' models that required
  • Updated the names and id's of a number of models so that they
matched the pattern "case#####" used by other models.
  • The cases directories (cases/semantic and cases/syntactic) now
contain a copy of the date-of-release marker file, named .cases-release-date.
  • SED-ML files are now available for the FBC test cases.
Summary of changes and new features in the SBML Test Runner:
  • The Runner can now check the test case download site at SourceForge
for updates; if it finds a new case archive, it offers to download it and install it. Along with this functionality, there is a new item in the preferences dialog to determine whether an update check is performed when the application first starts up. (The default is no.)
  • The dialog presented while test cases are being unpacked has been
changed completely and is more responsive.
  • There is a new menu item in the Help menu, for reinstalling the
test cases shipped with the Test Runner.
  • The dialogs showing tags (which appear in two places, one for the
wrapper configuration, and another in the filter dialog) now show summaries of the tags in the pop-up tooltips. Users can hover their mouse over a tag name to see a summary of the tag's meaning.
  • The Runner now checks for missing columns in the data and reports it
as an error.
  • The user manual has been updated to account for some of the changes
described above.
  • Various bugs have been fixed.
=== Version 3.0.0 release (2013-06-06) Changes to the test cases:
  • The previous 3.0.0 beta release had a testing artifact accidentally
left in the results file for case 000950. Fixed. Changes to the SBML Test Runner: This is the release of version 3.0.0. The following are additional changes not logged in the notes for beta versions up to this point. New features:
  • The position and size of the main window and the results map are now
remembered across invocations of the Test Runner.
  • The results map now displays an explanation of the result codes, in
the information box at the bottom, when the mouse is moved over a result in the map.
  • The runner now provides a way to view output that might have been
produced by the wrapper on the standard output and standard error streams. There are menu options in the menu bar and the pop-up menus.
  • There is a now a help system. Contents are sparse at the moment,
but at least there's something... Changes:
  • The test runner will now delete output results files before invoking
the wrapper on each test case. If the deletion fails, it reports an error (as a "black" color in the results map). This is to help prevent situations in which an output file is locked by another process (e.g., open in an Excel window on Windows) and the wrapper does not return an error value when it tries to write to the file; in that situation, the Test Runner would have no way of knowing that a problem occurred. (If the wrapper could be counted on to return an error, then there wouldn't be a potential problem, but not all wrappers behave as expected.) This way, by attempting to delete the file first, the Test Runner can tell the user something is wrong.
  • The system previously didn't report the case of when a results file
existed but was unreadable or had a parse error. The system now catches this and communicates the errors up to the GUI.
  • The order of OK/Save and Cancel buttons in the dialogs has been made
consistent across the different dialogs.
  • There are now new menu items to sync/refresh selected results from
their files, instead of (previously) having only the option to sync all results.
  • The system no longer selects any cases when you first start up.
Instead, things are left blank, and a message is printed in the description area about "no case selected" to give the user a clue about why they're seeing blanks.
  • Implemented graphing of FBC results. The current implementation is
kind of simplistic and uses bar graphs, but hopefully will be good enough for now.
  • Commented out the SED-ML menu options because they're currently
unimplemented and may not be for a while yet.
  • Fixed: changing the SBML Level & Version using the pull-down menu in
the main window didn't refresh the case list or stop a running simulation. Released 6 June 2013. === Version 3.0.0beta2 release (2013-05-21) Changes to the SBML Test Runner:
  • Upon a first-time start-up, the preferences/wrapper definition panel
left the wrapper fields editable even if the user did not click on "Add". This made was a confusing situation. It now properly disables the fields.
  • Released 21 May 2013.
=== Version 3.0.0beta1 release (2013-05-17)
  • Release beta1 of the new, standalone, SBML Test Runner. (Note: the
test cases archive does not include the Test Runner; it is made available as a separate download.)
  • Changes to SBML test cases:
- Removed invalid model 00173-sbml-l1v2.xml (it used functions not allowed in l1 infix). - Added compartment to 951 and 954 l1 models, for validity. - Reordered components of 1027, 1028, and 1029 l2v1 models, for validity. - Fixed validity of model 1141 (incorrect 'const' flag). - Model 1141's settings file claimed it wanted a compartment's 'concentration'. This was removed. - Various tags added and removed where appropriate, because they were incorrect. A few InitialValue tags; a few BoundaryCondition tags, a few missing MultiCompartment tags for comp models; a few incorrect comp:SubmodelOutput tags; a few tags for deleted components of comp models, on the theory that correct interpetation of the model doesn't depend on anything that was deleted. - Model descriptions written for a few models where "{Write general description of why you have created the model here.}" was still there. Fixed. - Added pre-l3v1 versions of n-ary MathML tests to the .m files (the actual SBML had been there before). === Version 2.3.2 release (2013-02-03)
  • Changes:
- The settings.txt files for the FBC tests (01186-01196) now have their 'start', 'duration', and 'steps' lines set to be blank instead of having dummy values that were not used. - FBC package test case results are now plotted in a more sensible way, using a different plot type. - The absolute and relative errors for FBC tests were relaxed to 0.001. - The *-model.m files for the FBC tests were modified to include more detailed descriptions of the models. - The test tags 'BoundaryCondition' and 'NonUnityStoichiometry' were added to all FBC tests (as they all contained those elements) and the tags fbc:BoundGreaterEqual, fbc:BoundLessEqual, and fbc:BoundEqual were added to several tests where they had been missing. - The tolerances for tests 00983 and 00993 were relaxed by request. === Version 2.3.1 release (2013-01-27) The only difference is a change to the settings of case 993. The tolerances have been loosened slightly. === Version 2.3 release (2013-01-16) The only real difference between this release and 2.2 is the addition of test cases for the SBML Level 3 packages of (a) Hierarchical Model Composition and (b) Flux Balance Constraints. They are test cases
  1. 1124-1196 minus #1184-1185.
=== Version 2.2 release (2012-12-28) IMPORTANT NOTE: the .zip archive distribution of cases ONLY contains cases #0-1123,1184,and 1185; cases #1124-1196 are available in the SVN repository only, and are not distributed in the archive for 2.2. They will distributed in the archive for the next major release (2.3).
  • Changes:
- Completely changed how plots are generated. The new version uses HTML-based plots, with interactive features thanks to the use of the Highcharts JS JavaScript-based plotting library. Past code involving the use of gnuplot, batik, etc., is all gone. - As part of the change noted above, SVG plot files are no longer provided; instead, the files are HTML files with embedded SVG (and JavaScript code) within them. The Makefile commands involving the generation of specific plot formats are now different; the commands are make html-plots make jpg-plots make png-plots The command "make plots" still works as before, except for the change mentioned above, that no SVG files are produced. - Cases 1124-1196 are a new batch of test cases, the first for testing SBML Level 3 packages. Along with this comes a change to the format of the *-model.m file, which now includes a new line, packagesPresent: X, Y, Z, ... where "X, Y, Z, ..." is a list of Level 3 packages used in the model; also, the componentTags and testTags have package-specific tags (e.g., "comp:ModelDefinition") about the components and tests related to the packages represented in the test.
  • Bug fixes:
- Case #967 was tagged as having a random event execution, but did not actually have such. The tag has been removed. - Cleaned up some cruft accidentally left in test case description *-model.m files for cases #1117, 1118, 1126, 1146, 1147, 1161-1164 and 1168. - Some cases in the range 1117-1168 were erroneous labeled as being analytic, when in fact they were generated numerically. === Version 2.1.2 release (2012-10-09)
  • Bug fixes:
- Models 1117 and 1121 did not have proper 'synopsis' entries in their .m files. These have been added. - The model ids in test 931 were changed from 'case_00930' to 'case_00931' - The VERSION.txt file was not updated for 2.1.1 from 2.1.0. Now it correctly reads the current release number (2.1.2). - The documentation for some cases had misformatted division operators: the '/' character was missing in some cases where a division was being described. Those parts of the documentation should now be fixed.
  • Changes since the last update:
- Models whose L3 versions were split to new test directories now mention this fact in the description of the test in the .m file. - We updated the copyright year. === Version 2.1.1 release (2012-08-21) General note: it is not clearly stated anywhere, but test case directories do not always contain all Level/Version combinations of SBML. This happens for cases that contain a feature handled differently in one SBML Level compared to another. In other words, in the individual cases/semantic/* directories, you may find models that are only provided in SBML Level 2 or Level 3 form, and this is normal; it does not indicate models are missing.
  • Bug fixes:
- In the version 2.1.0 cases archive distribution file, some case directories contained SED-ML files even though there were no corresponding SBML model. This happened for Level 3 versions of some models and changed between releases 2.0 and 2.1; the Level 3 versions of some cases were split out as separate cases in release 2.1, leaving only the Level 1-2 versions in the original test case directory. Unfortunately, when we generated the distribution archive, we didn't properly delete all SED-ML files before regenerating them, and so some old SED-ML files were left from the time before the Level 3 models were split out as new cases. This problem was reported by Ilya Kiselev from === Version 2.1.0 release (2012-08-06)
  • Bug fixes:
- Models 00056, 00112, 00288, 00293, and 00294 had reactions with kinetic laws that went negative, but which were flagged 'reversible=false'. They are now correctly flagged as 'reversible=true'. - Several L1 versions of tests with algebraic rules were ambiguous due to L1 not having the 'constant' flag. These models have been removed.
  • Changes since last update:
- Several new models tagged ReversibleReaction where a kinetic law now goes negative. - Tests with assigned stoichiometries have been split into two tests: one for the L2 versions using the StoichiometryMath construct, and one for the L3 version using rules and events to assign values to the speciesReference id. - The definitions of several tags have been tweaked to be clearer and more useful. See docs\src\tags-documentation\Tags.txt for the new definitions. - As part of the above, many test cases have been re-tagged to reflect the new definitions. - Tests that assigned stoichiometries to speciesReference elements have been split into L2 versions (using the StoichiometryMath construct) and L3 versions (which use the speciesReference id in rules and events to change or set the stoichiometry). - A new program, 'generateTestsFrom' was written which takes an SBML model as input and outputs the different translations of that model, a generic 'settings' file, and a model description file with what tags it can deduce from the SBML model. See src\utilities\c++\ - A new program, 'checkTestCases' was written which analyzes the contents of a test case directory and determines whether the tags are correct, the models are valid and present, and the settings file is of the right basic format. See src\utilities\c++\ - We changed some cases' tolerances, because some developers reported the cases had excessively stringent tolerances.
  • New cases:
- New cases with the AssignedVariableStoichiometry tag (both L2 and L3 versions) - New cases with the FastReaction tag - New cases with delay equations with variable delays. - New cases with both the HasOnlySubstanceUnits and NonUnityCompartment tags. - New cases with the ReversibleReaction tag where the kinetic law goes negative during the requested simulation (as per the new definition of the ReversibleReaction tag). - One new 'kitchen sink' test (1000) which tests almost all tags in one complicated model. Note: the syntax of some gnuplot commands changed from version 4.4 to 4.6, and the script in src/utilities/plotresults/ will currently not work in gnuplot 4.6. Make sure to use 4.4 if you attempt to recreate the plots using the scripts provided in the SBML Test Suite source directory. === Version 2.0.2 release (2011-11-15) ===
  • Bug fixes:
- The settings files for cases 536 and 537 had the order of the variables listed in the "variables:" field reversed compared to the order in which the variables actually appeared in the .csv results file. Fixed. - Case 00939 had incorrect results. === Version 2.0.1 release (2011-06-16) ===
  • Bug fixes since last update:
- Frank fixed an issue in the generation of identifiers in SED-ML files wherein it could generate the same id for different elements. The problem was not picked up by the Schema validator, so he created a generator that has specific treatment for this situation.
  • Changes since last update:
- Added plots of results in SVG format. === Version 2.0.0 release (2011-06-01) === This is a release to introduce the SBML Level 3 Version 1 Core test cases, the SED-ML files, and the updated Online SBML Test Suite.
  • Bug fixes since last update:
- The online interface had a number of bugs left having to do with management of multiple results, catching nulls, etc. Hopefully these have all been fixed. === Update (2011-05-26) ===
  • New features:
- Now includes SED-ML files for the test cases, and a utility program to generate them from the case settings files. - The online interface now supports L3v1 Core, plus has an improved user interface for the case selection/exclusion form. (E.g., there is now tooltip help text to explain the meaning of the different options that can be checked.) === Update of test cases (2010-10-06) === - All L3 models have been updated to comply with the final release of the SBML L3V1 core specification. - There are examples of models that use the new Event semantics. === Update of test cases (2010-04-20) ===
  • New features
- Cases where an initial value is reassigned by math within the model have been tagged with an 'InitialValueReassigned' tag. - New cases that involve just a non-varying parameter whose value is set by initialAssignment or assignmentRule have been added. - New cases that involve only a compartment that is varying have been added. - All models that can be encoded in SBML L3V1 core (in accordance with the Release 1 Candidate specification) have an L3 sbml file.
  • Bug fixes
- Description of case 00875 incorrectly stated that A2 was a boundary species when it is actually A1. Thanks to Chris Myers for reporting this. - Tracker issue #2961844. The data for case 00873 was inaccurate. The data now reflects results verified with VCell and iBioSim. - Tracker issue #2961843. The data for case 00874 was inaccurate. The data now reflects results verified with VCell and iBioSim. - Tracker issue #2941625. The data for this case raised concerns. Testing with Copasi, RoadRunner and iBioSim showed the results to be slightly inaccurate. These have been changed. Thanks to Chris Myers for reporting this. - Tracker issue #2941621. The data for case 00873 was inaccurate. The data now reflects results verified with VCell and iBioSim. - Tracker issue #2941618. The order of data did not match the order in the sbml files. This has been fixed. Thanks to Chris Myers for reporting this. === Version 2.0.0 alpha 4 (test-cases only release 2010-01-17) ===
  • Corrections to disputed results involving event test cases.
  • Corrections to misordering of data in results file for some cases
involving algebraic rules. (Actual results were correct, but the data and labels were misordered.)
  • Minor changes to SVN organization of test files and corresponding
changes to the Makefile; however, the changes do not come through in the test cases zip archive. === Version 2.0.0 alpha 3 (limited release 2008-08-27) ===
  • Fixed a problem in the Standalone Application in unpackaging the
archive of test cases. === Version 2.0.0 alpha 1 (limited release 2008-08-22) ===
  • We redesigned and reimplemented the SBML Test Suite from the ground
up. The new system features a very large corpus of 900 carefully hand-crafted models, a new standalone test runner, and a web-based test runner available at All test cases have component tags indicating which SBML components are present in the model. Basic models have either Compartment, Species and Reaction or Parameter and RateRule. Additional complexity is added to the models by including other components: FunctionDefinition, InitialAssignment, AssignmentRule, AlgebraicRule, RateRule (in cases where Reactions are used), EventNoDelay and EventWithDelay. At the time of this release, the test suite contains models with the basic components and up to two further components, with approximately 100 cases for each component. More complexity can be introduced with the addition of further components within a given model. At present UnitDefinition and Constraint are not supported. Each test case lists the test tags related to the SBML feature being tested. Again, these start with the basic cases where the test tag is InitialAmount (in cases where there are Reactions) and NonConstantParameter (in rules based models). Additional tags are added to increase the complexity and in some cases test the interaction between different features. At present there are up to 4 test tags on models within the Test Suite. All the test tags in the Tags.txt file have some coverage (an average of 50 cases per tag) WITH THE EXCEPTION of CSymbolDelay, Units, MassUnits. Some tags have only a few related test cases eg FastReaction, MultiCompartment; this is mainly due to the lack of simulators supporting these and thus difficulty in generating and verifying test data. The data has in most cases been generated by MathSBML and verified with SBMLToolbox. VCell and SBToolbox2 have been used for a few cases. 7% of cases have analytical solutions derived using the Maple symbolic engine via MATLAB.
  1. notice ## notice ## notice ## notice ## notice ## notice ## notice #
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  3. The rest of this file pertains to a much older and different #
  4. version of the test suite, previously called the SBML Semantic #
  5. Test Suite. The information is kept here for historical purposes #
  6. and is largely irrelevant to the current SBML Test Suite. #
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=== Version 1.4 (2007-06-24, never released publicly) ===
  • Merged the previous test suite (which in reality consisted of
nothing more than sample models) with a slightly reorganized version of the "SBML Semantic Test Suite", with the intention of renaming the semantic test suit as the SBML Test Suite and redesigning everything for release 3.0. The reorganization and additional CVS-related work was done by Sarah Keating and Michael Hucka. A beta test version of the "SBML Semantic Test Suite" in the days of SBML Level 2 Version 1 was written principally by Andrew Finney, (then at the University of Hertfordshire, UK) and released in October 2004. The suite consisted of a set of SBML models each with correct simulation output. The test suite came with automation scripts allowing a simulator to be systematically tested against the test suite. The automation scripts were designed to be portable and run on Windows, Unix, and Unix-like platforms. In its beta version, the test suite was reasonably comprehensive covering most SBML Level 2 Version 1 constructs: all the MathML functions and operators, all types of rules, all possible configurations of reactions and different configurations of local and global parameters. A substantial reorganization and reconstruction was begun in 2007 as part of NIH/NIGMS grant #GM077671. We expect virtually everything in the suite to be changed and improved.
  • The contents of the previous directory "sample-models" have been
moved to "extras/sample-models".
  • "extras/sample-models" now also contains samples from SBML Level 2
Versions 2 and 3. === Version 1.3 === Released 7 September 2004.
  • If you are getting this via CVS, make sure to use the -P (prune)
option to the cvs update command, so that you don't get delete directories and files. The current release contains only one subdirectory, "sample-models".
  • We now have CVS commit auto-notification via email. Visit the page to subscribe to notifications. This is a very good idea if you get this test suite via CVS.
  • Removed the SBML and MathML schema files from the distribution.
Interested users should obtain them from the master locations. Keeping a separate copy in this test suite was a maintenance liability, because they would surely fall out of date eventually.
  • Reinstated the SBML Level 1 Version 1 files except for the files
converted from KEGG (i.e., the directory sbml-l1v1/from-kegg). After some discussions, we concluded that there may still be some value in providing sample models in L1v1 format for developers who need to test their software's backward compatibility. === Version 1.2 ===
  • We have removed the Level 1 Version 1 files from this set, because
L1v1 is officially deprecated. Users are encouraged to examine L1v2 or better yet, Level 2. === Version 1.1 ===
  • The KEGG translated files are no longer included with the test-suite
distribution. They can be obtained separately from the following site: === Version 1.0.1 ===
  • The following SBML Level 2 version 1 errata have been corrected in
sbml-files/sbml-l2v1/from-spec: - l2v1-2D-compartments.xml: the "JO" in the MathML should really be a "J0" (the numeral zero, no the letter 'oh'). - l2v1-boundary.xml: the one rule in listOfRules should not use ... ; these tags should be omitted. Thanks to Bruce Shapiro for catching this. - l2v1-delay.xml: The definitionURL for the csymbol delay should be, not (the incorrect form has "sbml" omitted). Thanks to Marc Vass for catching this. - l2v1-mc-ode.xml: the MathML in the two rateRule definitions should not use ... ; these tags should be omitted. Thanks to Bruce Shapiro for catching this.
  • Released 7 August 2003
=== Version 1.0.0 ===
  • Initial release, 29 June 2003.
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