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SBML Test Suite Screenshots

The following are a few screen images of the Online SBML Test Suite circa April, 2010.

Main test result summary screen

This first screen shows the output of analyzing an example set of test results.

The summary map of the results uses different colors to indicate success or failure, as well as missing and problem cases. Hovering the mouse over a colored square displays the number of that particular test case.

Example details screen

This screen image shows an example of a detailed results page obtained by clicking on one of the squares in the summary map of the first screen shown above.

This particular results page shows a test case failure. The page describes the test case and tabulates the expected data values for every time point. In addition, for every data point in the user's uploaded results that exceeds the tolerances for the test, the problematic data value is shown in red under the expected value.

Example database entry

This screen image shows an entry from the SBML Test Suite Database. The database publicizes software systems' support of SBML as determined by their performance on the SBML Test Suite. As a user of SBML and SBML software, you can use this SBML Test Suite Database to find the test results for different software systems. If you are a developer of SBML Software you can also submit results to this database and thereby make them known to the world.

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