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LibSBML Current Stable and Development Releases

Last updated 2011-12-23.

The following matrix summarizes the characteristics of the different current releases of libSBML:

Current stable release Previous release
Branch 5.y.x 4.3.x
Principal features and changes This series of releases introduces a modular plug-in architecture for libSBML to support SBML Level 3 packages. Please see the release notes for information about how to use the new features. (Compared to the 3.4.x series releases.) In addition to bug fixes and new features, this release introduces API changes designed to reduce the opportunities for an application to create inconsistent or invalid SBML objects in memory. The table of major changes in the libSBML roadmap provides more details about these API changes. This release focuses on support for SBML Level 3 Version Core, but without otherwise modifying the API in the way done in the 5.x series releases. This release includes a number of bug fixes as well.
Supports Level 3 Core Image:Choice-yes.gif Image:Choice-yes.gif
Supports L3 packages Image:Choice-yes.gif Image:Choice-no.gif
Latest release 5.18.0 (18 April 2019) 4.3.1 (29 March 2011)
Available distributions Binary & source Binary & source
Details of changes Release notes Release notes

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